July Meeting Cancelled

Due to scheduling conflicts, the July HOA meeting has been cancelled. We’ll see you at the next meeting in August.

Thank you.

2024 Garage Sale Dates

The 2024 garage sale dates are as follows:

May 17 and 18
August 9 and 10

As usual, we will be taking out an ad in the Observer-Reporter.

Thank you.

July Meeting Date Changed

The July HOA meeting has been moved to 7/19/23 at 7:00 PM in the clubhouse.

June Update – Meeting Canceled

June President’s Message

May President’s Message

April Update



Good things are happening in Meadowbrook. Spring cleanup is done. Cracked sidewalks crossing the townhouse service drives will take place beginning on April 10, 2023.

This process will take several days and will be dependent on the weather. The sidewalks and concrete apron will be replaced at the following locations:
1. The driveway between 1208 and 1212 Meadowbrook Drive
2. The driveway between 1222 and 1226 Meadowbrook Drive
3. The driveway between 1272 and 1278 Meadowbrook Drive (only across the townhome driveway, not across the one for the carriage home at 1272)
4. The driveway between 1356 and 1358 Meadowbrook Drive
5. The driveway crossing 1358 Meadowbrook Drive
6. The driveway between 1370 and 1372 Meadowbrook Drive

Vehicular traffic will need to stay off of the new concrete for two weeks following the completion of the work. Beginning April 10th, residents of the following buildings will need to street park and will not have access to their service drive until two weeks from the completion of their sidewalk when the cones or barriers have been removed:

1. 1200 – 1208 Meadowbrook Drive
2. 1212 – 1222 Meadowbrook Drive
3. 1228 – 1240 Meadowbrook Drive
4. 1278 – 1288 Meadowbrook Drive
5. 1358 Meadowbrook Drive
6. 1360 – 1370 Meadowbrook Drive
7. 1372 – 1380 Meadowbrook Drive

Residents of the buildings at 1318 – 1328, 1332 – 1340, and 1334 – 1356 Meadowbrook Drive will still be able to access their service drive by way of the Horseshoe Circle West entrance.

We are aware this is inconvenient but necessary. Please cooperate as we strive to maintain our community. Extra parking is available in the guest parking lots, as well as at the Meadowbrook Clubhouse. Please do not park or drive on the grass, as it causes ruts, especially in the rainy spring season. The North Strabane Township Police Department has been informed and is OK with street parking for this time period.

The heater has been replaced. We are looking forward to a great summer. FYI…When lifeguards are unavailable the pool will be closed.

Mark your calendars! Family fun night is planned for Friday, July 7th. Weather permitting we hope to see you at the clubhouse.

Per the rules and regulations all garbage bags and cans are stored within the unit except for when they are out for pickup. They should be removed from the curb after pickup.

Children’s toys should be removed from common areas when not in use.

Children are allowed to play in their own yard and common areas. Please do not allow them to disturb others property.

April 26, 2023, at 7:00 p.m. in the clubhouse. Please come out and hear about the community. Refreshments will be served.

Warm regards,

Michelle Early Torregano

February HOA Meeting

2023 Garage Sale Dates

The garage sales will be held the following dates this year:

May 19th and 20th
August 11th and 12th

As always, rain dates will be the following weekends, and based on the forecast for Saturday. We will be taking out ads in the Observer-Reporter.

Thank you!