Gutter Cleaning

Residents of townhomes and carriage homes, please be aware that gutter cleaning will take place next week, around 12/21/20. You will see crews on the roofs of the buildings at this time.

Thank you!



Please make sure you are removing any litter that accumulates in your yard.

During the landscaping season, TurfMaster’s crews generally remove any litter they come across. However, since the landscaping season is over, this is the time of year we generally see an uptake in litter and garbage throughout the community. This is to serve as a friendly reminder that you will be responsible for removing any litter during this time.

Thank you for doing your part to keep Meadowbrook and our environment clean!


Residents, please review the flyer in the link below that details what can and cannot be recycled at Meadowbrook.

Thank you.

MB Recycling Flyer

Fall Garage Sale CANCELLED

The August garage sale has been cancelled.

The next Meadowbrook Garage Sale date will be announced in early 2021

Garbage and Recycling Collection

Good morning everybody,

Since we continue to have complaints, I want to remind everybody of the following:

Garbage containers are to be placed out no earlier than 5 PM on the day before pickup. They are then to be removed promptly on the day that the garbage is picked up. I understand that many residents are at work during the day, but please try to get them when you return home. We cannot have them sitting on the sidewalk and street for days at a time after pickup. If you are going out of town, please ask a neighbor to take care of it for you.

Thank you so much and have a great weekend!

Clubhouse Closed until 2021

In Executive Session after last night’s HOA meeting, the Board, acting on the guidance of their attorney, decided to close to clubhouse at least through the remainder of 2020.

If you have a rental scheduled, our clubhouse manager Lori will be reaching out to you.

Thank you for your understanding.

Increased Pool Capacity

In Executive Session after last night’s HOA meeting, the Board voted to increase the capacity of the pool area.

Previous limits due to Covid were 35 in the pool area, and 15 in the pool at a time.

The limit will now be increased to 45 in the pool area, and 20 in the pool at a time.

This will go into effect on Monday, July 29.

We thank everybody who showed up and/or provided feedback on the pool.

Statement from MB Board regarding Reservation System

Statement from the Meadowbrook HOA Board regarding complaints about the reservation system:

Thanks to all for the continued suggestions regarding the pool. Please know the board is listening to your concerns. The only option to keeping the pool open is to be flexible and work with the reservation system. We understand to some the system may seem unfair. Unfortunately, no matter how many times we adjust reservation options it will not be to everyone’s liking. Give this a chance.

We ask for your patience and support this summer. Our goal is NOT to make things difficult for the community. Board members want you to enjoy the pool. Reservations are only one aspect of keeping the pool open. We must abide by state and CDC regulations regarding the pandemic. Your cooperation is needed and appreciated.

Changes to Pool Reservations

Over the last week, we have had some great suggestions and feedback. Please keep it coming, we will tweak and adjust based on the information we receive. Together we will get through this pandemic!

Based on your suggestions, Meadowbrook Pool will make the following changes:

1. We will now be going to 3 sessions. This will permit additional times for families/children to interact with their neighbors.

2. We will now go to a first-come, first served reservation system. This will eliminate the luck factor and give residents who need a specific time or date due to family, work or weather the opportunity to secure a spot.

Board Members realize that change is not easy but necessary at this unexpected time. We are navigating through uncharted waters. Our primary concern is the SAFETY OF ALL COMMUNITY MEMBERS. Thank you for your patience as we work our way through this unforeseen circumstance.

Any questions about the reservation system, please e-mail 

The three sessions will be:
morning 11:00am – 1:45pm
afternoon 2:00pm – 4:45pm
evening 5:00pm – 8:00pm

Everything basically runs the same as is it has with the lottery, except:
1) Registration starts at 10am
2) Requests are are taken in order of submission

Here is the rollout schedule:

Thursday 18
Lottery for Sunday 21 running as normal (two sessions)
Email announcing changes is sent to all registered pool members
Lottery for Sunday 21 ends at 11 PM

Friday 19
Website is updated with new information at midnight
First-come, first-served registration starts for Monday 22 at 10 AM (three sessions)
Two sessions at the actual pool today

Saturday 20
First-come, first-served registration starts for Tuesday 23 at 10 AM (three sessions)
Any unfilled spots for Monday 22 will be available on the Available Sessions Form
Two sessions at the actual pool today

Sunday 21
First-come, first-served registration starts for Wednesday 24 at 10 AM (three sessions)
Any unfilled spots for Tuesday 23 will be available on the Available Sessions Form
Two sessions at the actual pool today

Monday 22
First-come, first served registration starts for Thursday 25 at 10 AM (three sessions)
Any unfilled spots for Wednesday 24 will be available on the Available Sessions Form
Three sessions at the actual pool today


Thank you all so much for your patience!
Meadowbrook HOA Board

Reopening of Playground and Sports Court

All, the Meadowbrook playgrounds and sports court will reopen by Tuesday evening next week.

We are just waiting to receive and install signage that our lawyer recommended, and will then be opening the gate and allowing people to use the facilities.

Thank you all for your patience as we navigate these difficult times.