Townhome Roof Replacements

Roofs and gutters will be replaced on the following buildings this year:

200-206 Fieldbrook Drive (except unit 200)
201-215 Fieldbrook Drive
208-216 Fieldbrook Drive
217-227 Fieldbrook Drive
100-112 Coachside Drive
118-124 Coachside Drive
111-123 Coachside Drive

W.M. Prescott, Inc. will be starting work next week on Wednesday, June 6th at the 200-206 Fieldbrook Drive building. They will be working their way down and finishing Coachside last. Homeowners will receive notice on their doors a day before work is scheduled to begin on their building. Weather permitting, it should take 3-5 days to finish each building. During that time, homeowners are to remove or cover the belongings on their back porch, and may not park in their driveway due to the risk of damage. Scaffolding may be temporarily erected on the outside of the buildings.

Please contact Omni if you have any questions or concerns.

– Nathan