May President’s Message

April Update



Good things are happening in Meadowbrook. Spring cleanup is done. Cracked sidewalks crossing the townhouse service drives will take place beginning on April 10, 2023.

This process will take several days and will be dependent on the weather. The sidewalks and concrete apron will be replaced at the following locations:
1. The driveway between 1208 and 1212 Meadowbrook Drive
2. The driveway between 1222 and 1226 Meadowbrook Drive
3. The driveway between 1272 and 1278 Meadowbrook Drive (only across the townhome driveway, not across the one for the carriage home at 1272)
4. The driveway between 1356 and 1358 Meadowbrook Drive
5. The driveway crossing 1358 Meadowbrook Drive
6. The driveway between 1370 and 1372 Meadowbrook Drive

Vehicular traffic will need to stay off of the new concrete for two weeks following the completion of the work. Beginning April 10th, residents of the following buildings will need to street park and will not have access to their service drive until two weeks from the completion of their sidewalk when the cones or barriers have been removed:

1. 1200 – 1208 Meadowbrook Drive
2. 1212 – 1222 Meadowbrook Drive
3. 1228 – 1240 Meadowbrook Drive
4. 1278 – 1288 Meadowbrook Drive
5. 1358 Meadowbrook Drive
6. 1360 – 1370 Meadowbrook Drive
7. 1372 – 1380 Meadowbrook Drive

Residents of the buildings at 1318 – 1328, 1332 – 1340, and 1334 – 1356 Meadowbrook Drive will still be able to access their service drive by way of the Horseshoe Circle West entrance.

We are aware this is inconvenient but necessary. Please cooperate as we strive to maintain our community. Extra parking is available in the guest parking lots, as well as at the Meadowbrook Clubhouse. Please do not park or drive on the grass, as it causes ruts, especially in the rainy spring season. The North Strabane Township Police Department has been informed and is OK with street parking for this time period.

The heater has been replaced. We are looking forward to a great summer. FYI…When lifeguards are unavailable the pool will be closed.

Mark your calendars! Family fun night is planned for Friday, July 7th. Weather permitting we hope to see you at the clubhouse.

Per the rules and regulations all garbage bags and cans are stored within the unit except for when they are out for pickup. They should be removed from the curb after pickup.

Children’s toys should be removed from common areas when not in use.

Children are allowed to play in their own yard and common areas. Please do not allow them to disturb others property.

April 26, 2023, at 7:00 p.m. in the clubhouse. Please come out and hear about the community. Refreshments will be served.

Warm regards,

Michelle Early Torregano

February HOA Meeting

A Message from the Meadowbrook HOA President


Happy New Year Meadowbrook!


Wishing you a wonderful and prosperous new year. The Board of Directors and myself are committed to making this year a great one for our community. Your voices are important to us. Please join us at the January 25th board meeting. Coffee and New Orleans “King Cake” will be served.


Understanding that winter weather can be challenging, an email blast will be sent in a timely manner in case the meeting is canceled.


Michelle Early Torregano

Board President

Lifeguards Needed at the Meadowbrook Pool


The Meadowbrook pool needs lifeguards for the 2022 pool season. Anyone 15 years and older who are interested in lifeguarding this summer, please contact Dan Galderise at

Thank you.
Dan Galderise
Pool Manager

Amended and Restated Declaration Clarifications

Below is the text of an e-mail sent to all Meadowbrook homeowners regarding some clarifications for the Meadowbrook Amended Declaration. The document and ballot can be downloaded by registered users by going to the ‘Resources’ tab at the top, selecting ‘Documents & Forms’, then clicking ‘Password Protected Documents’ and finally ‘Amended and Restated Declaration’. Thank you!



This e-mail is meant to address all major concerns that were repeatedly raised by homeowners in response to the HOA sending out the Amended and Restated Declaration for homeowner approval.  

Below is a list of concerns and responses to them.. Please also find attached another copy of the Amended and Restated Declaration, as well as a copy of the ballot. If you’d like to resubmit a ballot with a changed vote, just sign and send that in and it will be counted in place of any previously received.

1.) Will there be any loss of services?

All homeowners at all unit types will continue to receive the same services that they already receive. Many residents were concerned that the townhome residents were going to lose grass cutting and landscaping services, but that is misinformation – Article IV, Section 6 clearly defines grass cutting and landscaping as a service provided for by townhome assessments.

2.) Is the HOA increasing the amount charged to buyers upon the closing of a sale?

The amount charged to buyers at resale will stay the same. The HOA collects a capital contribution fee that is equal to 12 months of the previous year’s master assessment. All owners pay the master assessment each month in addition to any townhome or carriage home assessment. The master assessment is currently $49.50, so buyers pay a $594 ($49.50 x 12) capital contribution fee at closing when they purchase in Meadowbrook that funds the reserve account. All buyers also pay for two months of dues up front at closing.


3.) Why is there a contradiction in two different sections of the document over whether or not townhome and carriage home owners are allowed to construct a shed?

As sent to homeowners, sub-section (ii) on page 14 provided that single family homeowners are permitted to construct sheds that meet the provided guidelines, whereas sub-section (iii) on that same page read “sheds shall be constructed, erected or placed upon a Lot with a Carriage Home or Townhome Unit.”. This is purely a typographical error, as it was supposed to read “NO sheds shall be constructed”, and it has been corrected on the attached version. This e-mail constitutes notice of the correction, and all homeowners without an e-mail address on file with the HOA will receive a mailing containing this notice.

4.) Why should I vote in favor of this document?

First and foremost, this Amended and Restated Declaration is much easier to read and understand than the decades old document that it is replacing, and will help residents understand their HOA better. Additionally, as many homeowners are aware, there were issues with the shed amendment to the original document, in that it provided for sheds of only a certain size that proved difficult to obtain. This Amended and Restated Declaration does not specify a size. Outdated use restrictions have been changed or eliminated, including a rule that previously forbid the hanging of laundry of Sundays. The maximum fence height has been raised from five to six feet, in a move that will satisfy many homeowners who have inquired about building a taller fence. The Board also clarified that the HOA will be responsible for the repair, replacement and maintenance (excluding snow removal) of all sidewalks fronting Meadowbrook Drive, as the wording was previously ambiguous.

The HOA Board, and many of your neighbors, would greatly appreciate a vote in favor of this Amended and Restated Declaration. If there any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to my office.

Thank you all, and have a great day.

Clubhouse Closed until 2021

In Executive Session after last night’s HOA meeting, the Board, acting on the guidance of their attorney, decided to close to clubhouse at least through the remainder of 2020.

If you have a rental scheduled, our clubhouse manager Lori will be reaching out to you.

Thank you for your understanding.

Increased Pool Capacity

In Executive Session after last night’s HOA meeting, the Board voted to increase the capacity of the pool area.

Previous limits due to Covid were 35 in the pool area, and 15 in the pool at a time.

The limit will now be increased to 45 in the pool area, and 20 in the pool at a time.

This will go into effect on Monday, July 29.

We thank everybody who showed up and/or provided feedback on the pool.

Statement from MB Board regarding Reservation System

Statement from the Meadowbrook HOA Board regarding complaints about the reservation system:

Thanks to all for the continued suggestions regarding the pool. Please know the board is listening to your concerns. The only option to keeping the pool open is to be flexible and work with the reservation system. We understand to some the system may seem unfair. Unfortunately, no matter how many times we adjust reservation options it will not be to everyone’s liking. Give this a chance.

We ask for your patience and support this summer. Our goal is NOT to make things difficult for the community. Board members want you to enjoy the pool. Reservations are only one aspect of keeping the pool open. We must abide by state and CDC regulations regarding the pandemic. Your cooperation is needed and appreciated.

Changes to Pool Reservations

Over the last week, we have had some great suggestions and feedback. Please keep it coming, we will tweak and adjust based on the information we receive. Together we will get through this pandemic!

Based on your suggestions, Meadowbrook Pool will make the following changes:

1. We will now be going to 3 sessions. This will permit additional times for families/children to interact with their neighbors.

2. We will now go to a first-come, first served reservation system. This will eliminate the luck factor and give residents who need a specific time or date due to family, work or weather the opportunity to secure a spot.

Board Members realize that change is not easy but necessary at this unexpected time. We are navigating through uncharted waters. Our primary concern is the SAFETY OF ALL COMMUNITY MEMBERS. Thank you for your patience as we work our way through this unforeseen circumstance.

Any questions about the reservation system, please e-mail 

The three sessions will be:
morning 11:00am – 1:45pm
afternoon 2:00pm – 4:45pm
evening 5:00pm – 8:00pm

Everything basically runs the same as is it has with the lottery, except:
1) Registration starts at 10am
2) Requests are are taken in order of submission

Here is the rollout schedule:

Thursday 18
Lottery for Sunday 21 running as normal (two sessions)
Email announcing changes is sent to all registered pool members
Lottery for Sunday 21 ends at 11 PM

Friday 19
Website is updated with new information at midnight
First-come, first-served registration starts for Monday 22 at 10 AM (three sessions)
Two sessions at the actual pool today

Saturday 20
First-come, first-served registration starts for Tuesday 23 at 10 AM (three sessions)
Any unfilled spots for Monday 22 will be available on the Available Sessions Form
Two sessions at the actual pool today

Sunday 21
First-come, first-served registration starts for Wednesday 24 at 10 AM (three sessions)
Any unfilled spots for Tuesday 23 will be available on the Available Sessions Form
Two sessions at the actual pool today

Monday 22
First-come, first served registration starts for Thursday 25 at 10 AM (three sessions)
Any unfilled spots for Wednesday 24 will be available on the Available Sessions Form
Three sessions at the actual pool today


Thank you all so much for your patience!
Meadowbrook HOA Board