No Fireworks

Hi, everybody. It is getting close to the fourth of July, and I have had an increase in calls from residents concerned about fireworks being set off in the Meadowbrook community. We can not allow this to occur. There are many people, veterans for one, who have negative associations with the sound of fireworks. The use of fireworks within a close suburban community such as ours creates a fire hazards. It is for these reasons and others that our Rules and Regulations expressly prohibit the use of fireworks within the community.

I thank you all for your cooperation in this matter.

Meadowbrook Rules and Regulations, Section A:

5. No resident shall make or permit any noise to be made that will disturb or annoy the occupants of any Units in the development or do or permit anything to be done that will interfere with the rights, comfort or convenience of other residents. This includes motorized vehicles, radios, fireworks, discharge of firearms, etc.